Exhibition /// slowly drifting /// transit zone pavilion /// public intervention project with sound /// BERLIN

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slowly drifting   ///  mp4 video loop projection   ///   nine minutes of sound work just finished   ///   special thanks to DAISUKE ISHIDA, great sound artist, for the technical support, so I could conclude the work, finally   ///   transit zone pavilion   ///   the upcoming public intervention project with sound at the hallesches tor underground station berlin_will start on the 07.08.2016 at 12 o’clock

their toughts are yours ///

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their thoughts are yours   ///   Isa Gensken_Exhibition: Mach Dich hübsch!. X-Ray, 1989/2015, s/w photography / Regine Fürst_Short break: Mach Dich bereit!. Their thoughts are yours. Smart phone photography   ///   2016